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Smile again with confidence and self-assurance!

We are there for you with heart, understanding and passion!

We are happy to take plenty of time for your wishes, questions and for a detailed consultation. We will explain all the treatment options to you, so that we can then draw up an optimal therapy concept together with you.

Our goal is to build a lasting, trusting relationship with you. In order to create an atmosphere of security during the treatment.

    Choose your appointment!

    As a patient, you are the center of attention!

    With us, you can expect personalized dental concepts for young and old as well as an attentive, compassionate team that focuses on your well-being and your needs.

    We attach particular importance to humility, honesty, communication, respect, reliability, and competence.

    Your dental experience reimagined!

    When setting up our modern practice, we attached great importance to how the patient feels.

    The relaxed and warm atmosphere we have created, along with our modern, high-quality technical equipment and expertise enables us to offer a safer, gentler, and more effective treatment than you perhaps have ever experienced before.

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    We are here for you when you need us!

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    We are here to help you !

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    Churerstrasse 35, CH-9470, Buchs
    +41 81 756 10 10
    Mon - Fri: 8:00 - 18:00

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    +41 81 756 10 10
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